Ricky Gervais Has Entered the ‘Fuck U H8ers’ Portion of his Career

Gervais is kind of becoming the Kanye West of comedy, as both are prolific, incredibly successful, continuously lauded geniuses with heavy crown issues. So when a few people pointed out that his new character, Derek, might be offensive to the mentally disabled, he puffed out his chest and started railing against his detractors. In an interview with BBC Radio 5 Live he said, “Every single week has been the end of my career if you believe six or seven journalists. It makes no difference to me or my work. I don’t care if people like it or not. I’m happy with it.” Listen to the audio here.

Dear Mr. Gervais, we are happy you are happy. You’ve done a great job making funny things for us to consume, we don’t hate you – we love you – no one really hates you. Next time you’re in the states, any one of us will gladly buy you a pint (that’s what you call beer, right?). Love, your fans (which is basically everybody).

Ricky Gervais Has Entered the ‘Fuck U H8ers’ Portion […]