Rihanna Is Not Too Concerned About Those Coachella Drug Photos

First, let’s take a minute and specify which recent Rihanna drug-use photo we’re dealing with here: It’s this one, in which she can be seen scooping something off a man’s head, and not this one, in which she’s smoking a blunt with Snoop. Got it? Okay! So, Rihanna posted the first photo herself, and after a little cropping and zooming, her followers spotted what looks like powder — but is really probably weed (note the paper!) — and started lecturing her on the Internet. Rihanna was having none of it. “I’m crazy, and I don’t pretend to be anything else,” she tweeted, which is fairly standard as far as RiRi nonapology tweets go. But then MTV tweeted out a link shaming her for the photos (“Yikes. @Rihanna’s marijuana photos from Coachella spark controversy”) and she got awesomely aggressive. As in, “@MTV Yikes…@rihanna ran out of fucks to give.” Drugs are still bad! But yeah, that reply is pretty ballsy.

Rihanna Is Not Too Sorry About Those Drug Photos