Saturday Night Live Recap: Josh Brolin Would Be More Convincing Without the Facial Hair

When Josh Brolin appeared on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on the eve of his second SNL guest-hosting gig, he expressed his excitement about the unique job. And Brolin did bring a lot of visible enthusiasm to his sketches, if not as much commitment as one might hope: I mean, he might have had an easier time selling his role as the Nazi from Raiders of the Lost Ark if he’d shaved off his goatee. The episode as a whole wasn’t quite an instant classic, but there were a few bright spots.

Best Digital Short:

The episode made the unprecedented move of including not one but two Digital Shorts. The seventh installment of “Laser Cats” (linked above) was so-so, despite a Steven Spielberg cameo. But the second Short — featuring the night’s musical guest, Gotye, and referencing one of his videos — was a winner.

Best Recurring Characters:

Garth and Kat returned to sing new songs about spring. You might think that this time, they’d finally be prepared. They are not.

Best Commercial Parody:

How does HBO’s acclaimed fantasy drama Game of Thrones get the right balance of authenticity and boobs? The episode’s spoof of a behind-the-scenes promo reveals the secret, though unfortunately it isn’t online (probably owing to rights issues over the music).

Worst Current-Events Satire:

If this is the best angle producers could come up with to comment on the Trayvon Martin case, maybe they could have just moved on to another topic.

Worst Sketches Spared Internet Scrutiny Owing to Rights Issues:

Congratulations on being forgotten by history, “America’s Next Top ‘Empire State of Mind’ Parody Artist” and the overly explanatory “Slow-Motion High School Hallway” (thanks to its repeated use of “We’ve Got More Bounce in California”).

Worst Sketch Almost Rescued By All Performers’ Inability to Hold It Together:

Meet The Californians.

Saturday Night Live Recap: Josh Brolin Would Be More Convincing Without the Facial Hair