‘How Deep Is Your Love’ Video: The Rapture’s Tiny Tea Party

If you’re keeping a close eye on the date and time, then yes, the Rapture’s “How Deep Is Your Love” did in fact drop almost a year ago, and sure, releasing a music video now seems a bit random. But that song — plus its sax solo! — sneakily became one of Vulture’s favorite jams of 2011, so, why not? Especially when the unexpected video includes a tea party, fancy hats, lovely elderly women rocking out to the aforementioned sax solo, one adorably unimpressed kid staring at the camera like it’s insane, and Luke Jenner in miniature, waving his arms back and forth like a stoned Polly Pocket. Just roll with it; it’s fun. 

See the Rapture’s ‘How Deep Is Your Love’ Video