Watch a Bad Date Between Topher Grace and Jenna Fischer in an Exclusive Giant Mechanical Man Clip

Pam has been enjoying domestic bliss for several years now on The Office, but in the new indie The Giant Mechanical Man (available on demand today and opening in New York on April 27), Jenna Fischer is once again unlucky in love. Her soul mate may be Chris Messina, whose primary vocation is painting himself in silver and working as a “living statue” street performer, but until she finds that out, she’s going to have to kiss some frogs … including a long-haired, totally amped Topher Grace, playing a motivational speaker who falls hard for Fischer. In this exclusive clip, the two are on a date and ostensibly having a conversation, though it’s unclear whether Grace will ever pause to let her speak. “Instant words!”

See Topher Grace in a Giant Mechanical Man Clip