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From Thighmasters to Nanobots: A Timeline of Suzanne Somers, Inc.

Next week, Suzanne Somers — hot-panted sitcom star turned “scientist” — will release her 22nd book: Bombshell, Explosive Medical Secrets That Will Redefine Aging. The Three’s Company and Step by Step star began her second career as a health-advice-touting licensing juggernaut 21 years ago with her endorsement of the Thighmaster; since then, she has been an unstoppable (and real doctors have tried!) hawker of diet books, jewelry, fashion, nutritional supplements, cancer cures, and now a guide to reversing the aging process through the simple fix of taking massive doses of synthetic hormones and ingesting 60 vitamins a day. How did Somers go from enacting bawdy mix-ups at the Regal Beagle to an author with nearly 10 million books in print? As this timeline will tell you, she did it through a shrewd mix of home shopping, vaginal injections, and pseudo-scientific claims that make real doctors feel faint. 

Suzanne Somers, Inc.: Thighmasters to Nanobots