‘Share My Love’ Video: R. Kelly Yells ‘Populate’ at a Crowded Room

The excitement over the recent, wondrous news that R. Kelly’s Trapped in the Closet will be returning — on an actual television network — was dampened only by the fact that this hip-hop-era miracle will not happen until “later this year.” Months, plural, of waiting! How are we to pass the cruel time? Well, here is a brand-new R. Kelly video, for starters. “Share My Love” is not a particularly groundbreaking piece of musical cinema, in that it is just Kelz, a room full of scantily-clad women, some adult beverages, and the overwhelming sense that the most interesting aspects of this party were deemed unsuitable for general audiences. But it does involve a breakdown during which R. Kelly yells “Populate” to a roomful of gyrating humans, and that part is amusing. Then Kelz twirls around in a new coat. It’s something to snack on, at least.

‘Share My Love’ Video: ‘Populate’ With R. Kelly