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Six Great Accidental Music Hits, From Ike and Tina to ‘Green Onions’

Photo: Youtube

Blunderbuss, the Jack White solo album that comes out today, allegedly owes its existence to the unpredictable scheduling habits of the Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA, who failed to show up for a planned recording session with White and left him to play alone. Music history is filled with curiosities born from this we-got-a-studio-might-as-well-roll-tape-anyway philosophy, but the unplanned recording usually only results in obscure B-sides or infamy, like the one-off Rolling Stones side project Jamming With Edward (endless noodling laid down during the Let It Bleed sessions when Keith was AWOL). But every once in a while, no-shows can result in those who did show up making great music. Click through for six examples.

The Six Best Accidental Music Hits