This Week In Web Videos: ‘Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice Post Show Recap’

Historically speaking, I’m not a fan of web videos centering around celebrity impersonations because they’re often short on content. Especially if the impression is really strong. Performers figure they can skate by on the old “hey, that really does sound just like…” recognition and, in almost every case, they can’t. The shtick gets old. So viewers are left with a mediocre piece that has a kick-ass first quarter and then sorta…falls off. Not the case with Mike O’Gorman’s “Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice Post Show Recap” and I’m glad he’s proved me wrong.

O’Gorman (actor, writer, and co-creator of  “Tiny Apartment,” the very first web series we reviewed in this column) is known for his dynamite celeb imitations, so it’s no shock that he does a great Trump. It’s also not enough to warrant an article praising his efforts. No, folks, what makes this series worth watching is the writing and the deadpan format that almost makes you believe you’re actually tuning into some megalomaniacal post-show publicity stunt put on by the Donald himself.

While our imposter has too much hair for us to buy in completely, the Post Show Recap shrewdly positions Trump as more than a voice. O’Gorman accomplishes a difficult feat in humanizing an all-too-familiar caricature by portraying him so realistically and completely. He achieves funny and hits all the must-have Trump beats while avoiding the temptation to rest on his impressionist laurels. At no point do we as audience members feel that what we’re watching is trite. Never do we consider the dialog to be disposable. The impression is good, and so are the jokes.

Here’s why you need to watch.

  • Quality impression
  • Visually inventive
  • Smart writing
  • Episode #1: Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice Post Show Recap #1

    Hand movements. Eyebrow and mouth positioning. The whole thing is all right on.

    Episode #2: Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice Post Show Recap #2

    Green screen. Green screen. Green screen. The premise of the show is: Trump talking in a chair.  Simple and potentially painful had O’Gorman and team not made shrewd use of some simple visual effects. Goes to show: you don’t have to have Michael Mann sized budgets to mix it up visually.

    Episode #3: Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice Post Show Recap #3

    “You’re fired” is rarely uttered and that’s a very good thing.

    This Week In Web Videos: ‘Donald Trump’s Celebrity […]