Take a Time Out and Read Time Out’s List of the ‘50 Funniest New Yorkers’

This week, Time Out New York not only listed the “50 Funniest New Yorkers,” they ranked them. Now we know for certain that John Hodgman (#35) is slightly funnier than John Mulaney (#36), and both are not nearly as funny as awesome video maker Reggie Watts (#9). The list includes comedians, writers (#31 David Rakoff), filmmakers (#8 The Coen Brothers), and whatever Howard Stern is considered (He came in at #30, one spot worse than Hannibal Buress). Congrats to Edith Zimmerman, editor of our sister site The Hairpin, for beating Michael Showalter and coming in at #49.

There’s a lot you can say about how stupid it is to rank people by something as subjective as funniness, especially when they don’t include some fine New Yorkers like, I don’t know, Adam or I or my foreign landlord, who has 12 cats and answers my calls singing in Polish (Classic NYC punchline – see you next year, Time Out), but it’s a fun read and it’s hard to argue with #1. Do you think they got it right? Who was snubbed? Should they have ranked all eight million of us and created a funniness-based economy, where a farmer’s market head of lettuce costs one joke and a gym membership costs five jokes a month (after a ten joke sign-up fee)?

Take a Time Out and Read Time Out’s List of the ‘50 […]