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Tyler, the Creator Punks the Wanted, and It’s Kind of Messed Up

The third prank on last night’s Tyler, the Creator–hosted episode of Punk’d (viewable around the 16:45 mark, below) is notable for several reasons: one, it turns out the Wanted aren’t as “rough” as we or One Direction have heard. Second, Tyler now knows who The Wanted are, though probably only because MTV made him learn. And last, uh, this prank is pretty fucked up! You would expect as much from Tyler, sure, but sticking a 10-year-old girl in the back of a van and faking her kidnapping? And then blaming it all on a group of young guys? There’s a very disturbing Nancy Grace cable news undertone here, and it’s weirding us out a bit (even though we laughed at the accent stuff). The poor Wanted kids seem pretty distressed, too — except for Max, who looks totally unperturbed for the entirety of the segment, as if he either knew what was coming or is a total psycho. You can make a call on that last bit yourself.

Tyler, the Creator Punks the Wanted