kenny f***king powers

Video: Let Eastbound & Down’s Kenny Powers Insult You for Two Minutes Straight

We’ll come out and say it: Eastbound & Down’s Kenny Powers’s insult aesthetic is the most nuanced on television. It’s a rare antihero who can both mime catching and throwing a fart (needs to be seen to be understood) and casually name-check the Criterion Collection while dissing your face. His barbs range from the pop cultural (“Maybe I’ll find the Ewok village you came from”) to the racially suspect but syntactically inspired (“You look like some sort of strange Mexican Grimace”) to the sublimely random (” … popping bubbles out of the air like some sort of fucked up Ray Charles”). As we prepare for Eastbound’s season-three finale on Sunday, we leave you with a monologue of Powers’s highly unsuitable for work insults to be properly offended by. Happy Friday.

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