The Wanted Do Not Like Christina Aguilera Very Much

Remember a couple of weeks back, when rival British boy bands One Direction and the Wanted almost had a rumble — but then 1D tried to run away? At the time, it was hard not to chuckle a little at poor One Direction’s expense; how “rough” could a passel of singing, well-groomed boys really be? Kind of rough, it turns out! Or at least amusingly mean and severely undertrained when it comes to navigating media inquiries while drinking. Behold a recent interview with a New York radio station, in which the dudes are asked about their recent Voice appearance and legit go in on Christina Aguilera. “She’s a bitch!” Tom Parker yells three or four times. Then Siva confirms that she was “quite rude,” and Max spends a little while talking about how much hotter J. Lo is when compared to Christina. Uh-oh! No one is safe from the Boy-Band Wars. Also: How long before Blake Shelton gets into this mix, and how fun will that be? 

The Wanted Don’t Really Like Christina Aguilera