‘Where Have You Been’ Video: Rihanna Brings the Moves, Harem Pants

The word on Rihanna’s “Where Have You Been” video, based on this behind-the-scenes footage of Ri shimmying through rehearsal and Ri getting French-fry-shamed, was that it would be a dance-heavy affair. That turned out to be very true! And even though Rihanna is maybe not on a Beyoncé or Britney-circa-2000 level when it comes to the super-involved choreography, she at least leaves it all out on the floor (or the swamp, or the makeshift oasis, or the Red Room of Pain) in this one. See Rihanna in harem pants, stomping it out with some local shirtless desert dwellers. Watch Rihanna do the funky chicken but with her legs, as various lady-warrior types perform suggestive backbends on zebra-print carpets. Don’t miss their fancy cheerleader-type huddle — it turns into a blinking eye! And most important, note that Rihanna looks bonkers good, even wrapped in gross seaweed. Okay, enjoy!

Watch Rihanna’s ‘Where Have You Been’ Video