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Peace, Love & Misunderstanding Trailer: Jane Fonda, Hippie Matchmaker

Jane Fonda has been game for some time-tripping these days, whether she’s reminiscing on the 30th anniversary of her workout tape, or signing on to portray eighties-era Nancy Reagan in the Lee Daniels film The Butler. In her next movie, Peace, Love & Misunderstanding, her character is a hippie who lives in Woodstock and came into her own in the late sixties, but now that it’s the 2010s, her granola existence continues to grate on her daughter, an uptight lawyer played by Catherine Keener. However, when Keener comes with kids in tow to crash with her mom, what are the odds that Fonda might be able to play matchmaker for her daughter and both grandchildren? (It helps that there’s a love interest in the form of Chace Crawford to woo Keener’s obstinate daughter, played by Elizabeth Olsen.) It may be free love, but she still deserves a commission.

Watch the Peace, Love & Misunderstanding Trailer