‘Chasing the Sun’ Video: Bad Things Happen When the Wanted Break Curfew

Unfortunately, Vulture recently lent out our well-worn copy of the The Annotated Guide to Vaguely Satanist Tattoos in Boy-Band Music Videos, and so we cannot definitively explain the symbol that keeps popping up in the visuals for British boy band the Wanted’s “Chasing the Sun.” But, without ruining the ending, we will note that the design seems to be worn primarily by women with nocturnal habits and predatory stares, and also that it is transferable, almost like some sort supernatural hunting tag. Can you guess what happens in the last twenty seconds? Might it have anything to do with another very popular teen pop culture sensation? No spoilers! Allow us only to add that while the Wanted, like their boy-band rivals One Direction, do not harmonize or pop-and-lock in formation, they do look very good standing on top of a roof in leather jackets while an inoffensively catchy song blares. It’s just true. Credit them for that, at least. 

Watch the Wanted’s ‘Chasing the Sun’ Video