A Tragic Week in Comedy

- Adam “MCA” Yauch of the Beastie Boys passed away of cancer at 47, which is awful.

- Mick Jagger set to host the SNL finale on May 19th.

- Fox signed a deal with 30 Rock writer/producer Key Cannon and Community writers/producers  Neil Goldman and Garrett Donovan.

- Amazon announced it will start producing original programming.

- We walked through the history of Between Two Ferns with Scott Aukerman.

- We watched the Friends Porn Parody so you didn’t have to.

- We found the lost roles of Freaks & Geeks.

- We unexpectedly laughed at Mulholland Dr.

- We learned how to be a standup from a pre-famous Jerry Seinfeld.

- We showed you 10 SNL sketches that were cut from reruns.

- We watched the documentary The Unbookables.

- We listened to the “Weird Al” of other niches.

- We remembered the SNL days of Jane Curtin.

- We determined whether Central Perk or Monk’s Café was the better fake 90s eatery.

- We reviewed the understated The Do-Deca-Pentathlon.

- We talked about how no one was talking about Steve TV.

- The Webby Awards awarded the “Actress of the Year” Webby to a dude because they Webbys are dumb.

- We watched the webseries “Howard Gets an Interview”.

- We decoded your preteen’s Facebook.

- We took you down to Nickelodeon’s Roadhouse.

- We wondered what Five-Year Engagement’s box office failings suggest about the state of the Apatow universe.

For you, top five comedy videos of the week:

“Weed Sets Me Free!”

Brian McKnight - “How Your P*ssy Works”

“Inside Look: The Last Creed Fan”

BriTANick - “The Coach”

Horatio Sanz - “ESPANTO vs. Drugs”

A Tragic Week in Comedy