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Last Night on Late Night: Adam Scott and Nick Offerman’s Dorm Party Mission

Last night on the Late Show, Adam Scott recalled an impossible dorm party expedition that followed an NBC party held at the California Institute of Technology. Both he and Nick Offerman found themselves in front of a dark, quiet dorm, whereupon a random college student helped them in, and woke up the RA for direction — “So these two guys, they’re here, and they really want to party,” their guide said. At that point, Scott and Offerman decided to leave with some shred of dignity. Plus: Jimmy Fallon got really freaked out, and rightfully so: A giant rodent went nuts; a hissing cockroach dashed across his desk; and a diamondback rattlesnake leaped at the animal trainer. Also: Mila Kunis skipped through a cemetery in Scotland. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

Adam Scott, Nick Offerman’s Dorm Party Mission