Alison Brie’s band, The Girls, Is Totally a Satire of HBO’s ‘Girls’

Here is Alison Brie performing in her band The Girls, which undoubtedly is a comment on the much talked about television program Girls. Here is how I know:

1. Her band is named Girls, like the show’s name, despite the fact that there already is a successful band named that.

2. She is singing a song called, that’s right, “Rich Girls”, which features the lyric: “You’re a rich girl, and you’ve gone too far/Cause you know it don’t matter anyway/You can rely on the old man’s money/You can rely on the old man’s money”. She might as well just summarize the plot of the pilot, amirite?

3. She like Lena Dunham is half-Jewish, so that’s something.

4. Her band also covers Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend”, which is on the same album as “Dancing on My Own”, the song that famously closed out episode 3 of Girls.

5. Umm, also…hmmm…it’s hard to tell but maybe Brie is wearing weird eyebrow make-up like Hannah did in episode 4.

JUST KIDDING! Were you worried for a second? Me neither. They are all super talented/apparently, multi-talented women and I bet Judd Apatow will introduce them one day and it will be pleasant. Until then, let’s listen to Brie sing Childish Gambino’s “These Girls”, which is not a comment on any TV show:

Alison Brie’s band, The Girls, Is Totally a Satire of […]