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Alternate Casting Histories: DiCaprio on Baywatch, Bale in Titanic

Today we got a peek into a strange parallel universe in which millions of 14-year-old girls had posters of a swim-trunk-clad Leonardo DiCaprio plastered to their bedroom walls. First, HuffPo’s reading of a bland and whack-sounding Christian Bale tell-all notes that the actor lost out to Leonardo “Bale’s Biggest Rival” DiCaprio for What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and Titanic. Then David Hasselhoff told Movieline that DiCaprio got burned for a recurring role on Baywatch, saying, “You know what, it was the best thing to happen to Leonardo DiCaprio.” Well, the best thing except for the time he took Bale’s place at the front of that boat.

DiCaprio on Baywatch? Bale in Titanic?