Amy Poehler Talks Being Naked in ‘Who is ‘Mark Pelpy"?’ with Jimmy Fallon

Amy Poehler is the best. Amy Poehler was the best on Fallon last night. This is all across the board the best. Truly, every part of her appearance was linkable but this was the most fun. Having Amy and Jimmy riff on fake movie posters is a solid improv game and the only thing that I ever want to watch. The highlight has to be the rom-com/monster movie Third. Above find out who was “Mark Pelpy” and after the jump is the rest of the clips because you’re going to want to watch them all, if only to find out what Jimmy and Fred Armisen did for the entirety of Amy’s wedding.

Movie Posters Part 2

Five Second Impressions

Parks & Rec Finale

Amy Poehler Talks Being Naked in ‘Who is ‘Mark […]