Andy Samberg Gives Harvard’s Class Day Speech in a Very Andy Samberg Way

Last year Harvest Harvard had Amy Poehler (below) speak at Class Day and this year they had Andy Samberg. It’s not fair. My commencement speaker was some old white dude, I think he was the House Minority Whip but he dressed nothing like Indiana Jones. (Where your hat at Steny Hoyer!?) Nonetheless, Andy Samberg did a great job being Andy Samberg, pulling out all of the Andy Samberg stops. He read that one timeless Yeats poem that sounds identical to Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It”, seamlessly (not seamlessly, there were giant seams) worked in his three impressions, and talked all sexy-like to the moms AND dads in the audience over R. Kelly’s “Bump N’ Grind.” You know, really Harvardy stuff.  While we’re watching funny people commence the future underemployed youth, after the jump check out the speech Eugene Mirman gave to Hampshire College. You’ll really want to get out there and pursue your dreams more than usual on a Thursday.

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Andy Samberg Gives Harvard’s Class Day Speech in a […]