Bill Murray Walks Through the Set of ‘Moonrise Kingdom’; Lives La Vida Loca

Wearing too short madras pants and a cardigan sweater, national treasure Bill Murray explains the setting and plot of the next Wes Anderson film, Moonrise Kingdom. In the clip, Murray is either drunk or really great at pretending to be drunk. It’s a much watch, regardless of your opinion of Mr. Anderson (Get it? Like The Matrix), for Murray’s descriptions of his castmates alone: “Edward Norton. He does a lot of psycho work. He’s playing against type.” “Tilda Swinton’s in this one too. She’s tall, she’s Scottish, she’s pretty, she can do whatever she likes.” Moonrise Kingdom comes out in select theatres this Friday, May 25th; hopefully, it’s just 90 minutes of Bill Murray rambling around in the woods.

Bill Murray Walks Through the Set of ‘Moonrise […]