‘Breakfast’ Video: This Is What Kreayshawn’s Been Up To

Happy anniversary, everyone: It’s now been a full year since “Gucci Gucci” first made Kreayshawn a female Internet rapper of note. How are you feeling? Maybe a little surprised that we’re still discussing Kreay, in the era of Karmin and Kitty Pryde (and Azealia and Lana, etc., forever)? It sure didn’t look like she would survive the onslaught of new YouTube talent (Remember “Rich Whores”? No?), but Kreayshawn is still holding on, making trashy-funny-ish (not really) videos and planning her upcoming full-length debut. It’s called Somethin’ Bout Kreay, and it’s out in August; here’s the video for the latest single, “Breakfast,” which features ubiquitous rapper 2 Chainz getting very specific about how he likes to spend his mornings. There’s also some syrup bukkake, so you’ve been warned. This concludes your Kreayshawn Update for the foreseeable future.

‘Breakfast’ Video: Here’s Your Kreayshawn Update