Call in Sick And Watch An Episode of ‘Comedy Bang! Bang!’ and ‘Bunk’

You might be reading this while you’re already at work. If so, start pretending to cough. Can you do a fake sneeze? Yes? Then do it… now. And keep on going. You need to get home super fast to watch these FULL EPISODES of Comedy Bang! Bang! and Bunk. Amy Poehler (who’s totally not wearing a wig), Andy Daly (as Don Dimelo!!!), and David Koechner guest on CB!B! above and Eugene Mirman, Kumail Nanjiani, and Tom Lennon guest on the episode of Bunk below. We’ve seen clips from both but what do we think of these full episodes? Zany stuff, right? Also, below Bunk is a clip of Will Forte singing some sweet blue-eyed soul croons with Reggie Watts just because Will is the best funny singer America has to offer.

Call in Sick And Watch An Episode of ‘Comedy Bang! […]