Charlie Kaufman Is Creating an HBO Comedy Starring Catherine Keener

Former Dana Carvey Show writer Charlie Kaufman, who has since written a lot of super awesome movies like Adaptation and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, is set to write and direct a HBO comedy that looks at “one day in a woman’s life and how the events leading up to it can affect, or not, the reality in which she lives.” Frequent Kaufman collaborator Catherine Keener, who generally is really great, will play that woman. Considering this is Kaufman, there will probably also be some crazy high-concept twist like all the characters in the show live on a TV set inside the mind of a character named “Charlie Kaufman.” Either way, the show is being fast-tracked through development so depending on the tracks fastness, we’ll find out what’s up either tomorrow or a year from now.

Charlie Kaufman Is Creating an HBO Comedy Starring […]