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Last Night on Late Night: Charlize Theron Grabbed High School Jimmy Kimmel’s Penis

Last night, late night was all over the penis. First, Charlize Theron showed a high school Jimmy Kimmel lotsa love (Scarlett Johansson’s precedence, notwithstanding). Plus: Alison Brie attended a nudist-friendly college — that would be the California Institute of the Arts — where she preferred naked tree swinging to testicles with her lunch; and Glenn Close screamed bloody murder from the floor, recalling her first penile encounter at a choir dance. To wrap up all that penis, penis, penis on a musical note, Will “Sunnyside” Smith and James “Fatty Monroe” Fallon performed “Parents Just Don’t Understand” with some old-school jazzy flavor. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

Charlize Theron Grabbed H.S. Kimmel’s Penis