Azealia Banks Gets In on the Board-Game Franchises


Or, at least, she named her latest song “Jumanji,” which was in fact a movie (and a book) about a board game, way before that was cool. The lyrics of said song don’t take a ton of inspiration from the original text (unless your copy had a Reefers and Cabanas Appendix), but the bonkers horns and the steel drums give it a tropical feel, and jungles are usually in the tropics, so … sure, Jumanji! Production is by Hudson Mohawke and Nick Hook; song’s off Azealia’s upcoming Fantastic mixtape, which is not to be confused with her delayed (but still happening, she swears) EP and her full-length debut (scheduled for this fall). At any rate, it’s a nice break from all the feuding, and “Real bitch, all day / uptown, Broadway” is almost as fun a chant as “I’mma ruin you, cunt.” Almost.

Check Out ‘Jumanji,’ Azealia Banks’s New Song