‘Every Night I Say a Prayer’ Video: Little Boots Leads Some Freestyle Aerobics

Maybe it is a bit reductive to call the dance moves in Little Boots’ new video “aerobics”; the three main dancers obviously have some classical training, and we spotted at least one proper pirouette (a double!) and several arabesques. Everyone’s turnout is very impressive. Still, the overall feel here is kind of a loosey-goosey “Vogue” routine — don’t miss the lurking shoulder-roll shimmy around the 1:13 mark, it’s our favorite — and the Calvin Klein party that pops up in the middle gives the whole scene a nineties, sweat-it-out feel. Or maybe it’s just the “Single Ladies” video, but with male models and a healthy supply of mind-altering substances. Anyway, it looks fun enough. And random sartorial note: Socks with sandals is apparently still happening (at least in England). Write it down.

Check Out Little Boots’ New Video