Chris Gethard to Walk From LA to Bonnaroo, Probably Die in the Process

Chris Gethard and the group of weirdos and outcasts that participate in his cable access talk show/experiment The Chris Gethard Show love stunts, and they especially love stunts that put Chris in humiliating, dangerous or painful situations. So it’s only natural that before the show sets up shop and performs at Bonnaroo this summer, Gethard is going to try to make it from LA to the festival in Tennessee with no money and no phone, relying entirely on strangers from the internet to help and/or hurt him. The whole thing will be taped, with daily updates on Geth’s journey to be uploaded to the official Bonnaroo YouTube channel. As he wrote to me, “this project is probably the stupidest one yet. I’m actually nervous about it.” Justifiably so! But as someone who will be sitting comfortably in his apartment the entire time this foolhardy journey is being taken, I’m very excited to see just how terrible an idea this was. Good luck, Gethard!

Chris Gethard to Walk From LA to Bonnaroo, Probably […]