Comedy Karaoke at the ‘SNL’ Afterparty with the Foo Fighters and a Slew of Castmembers

After the season finale ‘SNL’ on Saturday, a stage was set up at the 30 Rock rink for the afterparty, where the Foo Fighters (actually, their cover band alter ego “Chevy Metal”) set up shop and played for a couple hours. They did a bunch of covers and invited a number of castmembers up to sing/play with them. Above you can see Kristen Wiig singing “I Love Rock n Roll” with help from Jason Sudeikis and Andy Samberg. Other songs included Will Forte singing some Black Sabbath, Amy Poehler singing “Bad Reputation” by Joan Jett and Fred Armisen playing drums on Cheap Trick’s “Surrender.” It was just like when you and your friends do karaoke, but much more famous! Buzzfeed has a couple of other (much worse) videos if you’re curious.

Comedy Karaoke at the ‘SNL’ Afterparty with the Foo […]