Sony Wrote Some Talking Points for the Community Cast

Photo: Justin Lubin/NBC

Sony sent the cast of Community some “Community Message Points” in a memo over the weekend, encouraging everyone to talk about “looking forward” to next season. The Hollywood Reporter obtained the memo, and it’s not that bad, as far as these grotesque talking-point kind of things go. The memo included suggestions for how to answer questions about Dan Harmon’s exit. For example:

Why did Dan get let go from the show?
We’re not made aware of why staffing changes take place but I will always be grateful to Dan for his great work on the show and wish him only the best. We’re also excited that we’ll be back on NBC’s schedule in the fall and are looking forward to working on those episodes.
Were you aware that Dan was going to be let go?
No, that’s not something we’re consulted on. I’m sad to see him go but I am looking forward to starting our next 13 episodes of Community.

Remember when the big news was that Community was coming back at all?

Sony Scripted Talking Points for Community Cast