‘Community’s’ McHale and Brie Charm Their Respective Late Night Hosts

With the upfronts coming up next week, Joel McHale and Alison Brie reminded us of the benefit of casting such good-looking, charming actors. While McHale was talking about Conan getting super drunk at their kids’ playdate (take a second to imagine how fun that playdate was…k, seconds over) and discussing the finer points of leather pants wearing with Andy, Brie was animaling balloons, kind of flirting with Garry Shandling (who can blame her), and talking about getting an unfortunate massage (unfortunate for her, not the guy who saw her butt). If only Nielsen ratings were decided by charm, Community would trounce those Big Bang Theory nerds. After the jump, find all the rest of those clips plus a preview of tonight’s Community, which features another Daily Show correspondent turned Community psychologist.

‘Community’s’ McHale and Brie Charm Their Respective […]