reunited and it feels so bad

David Lee Roth (and His Dog) Explain Van Halen Reunion Tour Cancellations

Seeking to end speculation that Van Halen cancelled more than 30 reunion tour dates in July and beyond because of heated infighting, David Lee Roth released a two-minute “public relations” video to explain that the culprit is exhaustion. “As usual, we bit off way more than we could chew when it came to scheduling,” said Roth, wearing sunglasses, overalls, and tall boots, alongside his border collie, Russell. “The band is winning, but our schedule has been sidelined for unnecessary roughness.” A Charlie Sheen reference? “We’re gonna take a break and we’re gonna come all the way back around, because this tour is gonna take about two years,” Roth continued. The real star of the video is Roth’s dog Russell, who sits patiently throughout (apparently Roth is experienced in dog herding), wishing he could to dive headfirst into the nearby stream.

David Lee Roth (and Dog) Explain Tour Setback