Diane Keaton Tries to Become Stephen Colbert’s Sidekick; Avoids Questions

As a star of many classic romantic comedies, Diane Keaton is an expert at will-they-won’t-they. In this case, it was a question of will they or won’t they have any substantial conversation about her memoir, Never Again. It started rocky with an awkward backstage hug between Colbert and Keaton, who showed up dressed like Diane Keaton going to a Prince concert. Things turned around, as they do in rom-com second acts, and she called him a pervert, which is always a good sign. Then the camera goes to black and white and they sit on a park bench, below the Brooklyn Bridge. And it all ends happily ever after, with Keaton asking to be Colbert’s regular sidekick. But does she talk about her book? Watch and find out – dun dun dun.

Diane Keaton Tries to Become Stephen Colbert’s […]