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Are These Songs From Lana Del Rey’s Secret First Album?

Let’s be very clear: None of the following is confirmed, and it’s only the latest wave of Internet speculation surrounding Axl Rose non-paramour (oh man, remember how fun that was?) and “Video Games” songstress Lana Del Rey. But! Rumor has it that before Lizzy Grant became Lana Del Rey — so before that first secret album — she actually recorded another album under the name May Jailer. These songs could very obviously be fake, though they do have that wobbly Lana feel. And if you’re going to go to all the trouble of making a hoax Lana Del Rey album, wouldn’t you leak it while the Internet was still abuzz? Follow-up conspiracy theory: What if these are new Lana tracks, snuck onto the Internet by her management as old Lana tracks, in an effort to gin up more controversy? Hey, look — it worked. Anyway, the evidence is below; judge for yourself.

Did Lana Del Rey Record Another Secret Album?