Editor Susan E. Morse Compares Louis C.K. and Woody Allen

Vulture has an interview with current Louie editor/Woody Allen’s former editor Susan E. Morse. She discusses the similarities between the two brilliant comedians:

They’re very similar in the sense that they can write quickly, and if they see something isn’t working the way they envisioned it, they are both right there with a million alternative ways of expressing the same idea. There’s enormous flexibility there, and creativity, and that’s very helpful. Also, both are very open to discussion about things. I think that that’s not the way people on the outside view them, but when you’re working directly with them, they both really do want to hear what you honestly feel, and if it resonates with them, they’ll take that under consideration and very much be willing to go in a different direction. I’ve found all of that to be very similar to the point that I was talking about something or other with my assistant or whomever the other day and I found myself saying, “I’ll call Woody about this” instead of “I’ll call Louis,” so obviously I’m feeling a similarity.
Editor Susan E. Morse Compares Louis C.K. and Woody […]