Ellen DeGeneres to Get Mark Twained

The Kennedy Center announced today that Ellen DeGeneres will be the 15th recipient of the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. The foundation’s chairman explained the choice: “Through her television programs, stand-up appearances, movies, and even commercials, her special brand of humor has allowed us to find hilarity in the mundane and has kept us laughing for years.” Movies? I guess they felt that Mark Twain would’ve loved Mr. Wrong. Watching her Tonight Show clip helped me remember that Ellen was and is an incredibly gifted stand-up, who has since transitioned to have quite a career for himself. She responded to the “honor” with this statement: “To get the same award that has been given to people like Bill Cosby, Tina Fey and Will Ferrell, it really makes me wonder… why didn’t I get this sooner?” Zing! Take it down a notch, El DeGens, you already won the award. Below is a list of the previous winners. Who do you think is going to win next year? Here are my guesses: Johnny Carson, Woody Allen, Mel Brooks.

1998 – Richard Pryor

1999 – Jonathan Winters

2000 – Carl Reiner

2001 – Whoopi Goldberg

2002 – Bob Newhart

2003 – Lily Tomlin

2004 – Lorne Michaels

2005 – Steve Martin

2006 – Neil Simon

2007 – Billy Crystal

2008 – George Carlin

2009 – Bill Cosby

2010 – Tina Fey

2011 – Will Ferrell

Ellen DeGeneres to Get Mark Twained