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The Expendables 2 Trailer: Hemsworth, Norris, and Van Damme Suit Up

Here is the new trailer for The Expendables 2; or, as mush-mouthed Sylvester Stallone appears to call it in his trailer introduction, Expendable 2. (It will be awkward on the day that someone finally corrects him.) This one is like the last one, but with more of everything: More of Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger than before (and oh man, that first Arnold line delivery), more action stars like Jean-Claude van Damme and Chuck Norris in the mix, and more that might be appealing to the Hunger Games demographic in the form of Liam Hemsworth. What’s your over/under on the number of times that Stallone has congratulated Hemsworth on his success in The Hungry Gamers? Well, would you correct him?

Expendables 2 Trailer: Plus Hemsworth, Van Damme