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The Fug Girls Track Chris Colfer’s Most Bananas Glee Outfits

Photo: FOX

Tonight marks the end of Glee’s third season, and while the formerly ground-breaking musical is now so cartoonish it may belong in Fox’s animation block, at least we’ll always have Kurt. Chris Colfer’s character gives the show — even at its silliest — a likable beating heart, and the actor earns extra credit for maintaining a relatable emotional core through the trappings of a wardrobe that is arguably Glee’s most farcical, with influences seemingly ranging from the Sound of Music to The Warriors to a Swiffer duster (sometimes all in the same hour). In honor of Kurt’s graduation from McKinley, we’ve picked out some of our favorite outfits from his final season as a high-school student. Whatever his next step is, the sartorial bar will never be higher. For more Fug Girls, go here.

The Fug Girls on Kurt’s Craziest Glee Outfits