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Gangster Squad Trailer: Gosling, Guns, and Goons

Ryan Gosling’s period tough-guy accent has finally found its perfect vehicle: the Ruben Fleischer–directed Gangster Squad, where Gosling and Josh Brolin play LAPD cops trying to bring down forties mob boss Mickey Cohen, played by Sean Penn (giving it his Pacino best). Emma Stone is in the mix, too, as a gorgeous moll of Penn’s who Gosling has eyes for; shoulda remembered to call dibs circa Crazy Stupid Love, Gosling! This is definitely the slow-mo, gangster-movie spot, especially that final, meta sequence where gun-crazy mobsters actually tear their way through a movie screen, shooting at the audience. Who needs 3-D when you’ve got that?

Gangster Squad Trailer: Gosling, Guns & Goons