Here’s a New Sigur Rós Song, With Bonus Spoilers From the Vampire Diaries Finale

That’s not a joke headline! If you are a Vampire Diaries fan and you have not yet watched the season-three finale, then you will want to stop reading — and even scrolling — right now. The very title of this video gives too much away. But if you’re here for the music, then allow us to explain as best we can: Sigur Rós debuted a new Valtari song, “Dauðalogn,” during the last five minutes of the CW’s hot-undead-twentysomethings drama last night. This particular Vulture correspondent isn’t too familiar with the plot intricacies of Vampire Diaries, but based on the clip below, we have to assume that Sigur Rós was chosen for maximum emotional resonance because … holy shit, so much drama happens in these four minutes. Things we learned: Vampires don’t drown (this makes sense, we guess, because do you really need oxygen if you don’t have blood?); Warner from Legally Blonde is still working; and the overhead, eye-pop shot is the only acceptable way to reveal that a comely young brunette has been transformed into a bloodsucker. Anyway, the song’s pretty! Valtari is out May 28.

Here’s a New Sigur Rós Song, ‘Dauðalogn’