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Hip Hop Squares: Fat Joe Teaches America About Pig’s Junk

So, MTV2’s late-night rap remake of celebrity game show oddity Hollywood Squares debuted last night! And as promised, Ghostface, Mac Miller, DJ Khaled, Donald Glover (who, for the purposes of this television show, is identified as Childish Gambino, a designation we resist), Fat Joe, an annoyingly hyperactive Machine Gun Kelly, and some other, less famous hip-hop-adjacent individuals were all on hand to answer highly sexualized trivia questions in the hopes of helping randos win money. Honestly, it was kind of amusing! We can’t imagine watching more than one full episode — how many times can you watch a civilian grad student wink uncomfortably at Khaled? — but the show actually had its moments, like when Ghostface got to say the words “I’m going with my heart. I feel it’s a cat.” And we learned things! Almonds are not real nuts, it turns out. And a pig’s junk is shaped like a corkscrew. Fat Joe really excels at the useless trivia throughout, actually. Watch and learn!

Hip Hop Squares: Fat Joe Knows About Pig’s Junk