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Hulk Smash Smash [UPDATE]

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Hulk very excited when Smash begin, because Hulk still yearn for days of Slings and Arrows and know every word to Chorus Line. (Won’t regret, can’t forget what Hulk did for love.) How you get Hulk to leave theater? You can’t, it in Hulk blood! But Smash let Hulk down because only nominally show-within-show. If Hulk want to watch series about falling in love with scruffy bartenders or what happen when blonde lady overindulge in alcohol or how uptight brunette lady occasionally unlucky in love, Hulk happy to revisit to Sex and the City DVDs. Hulk find them soothing sometimes.

But Hulk want more from Smash! Hulk convinced there inherent drama in staging a musical. Hulk even a little optimistic about Gossip Girl’s Josh Safran taking over, because maybe Safran inject overlapping story lines Hulk enjoy so much. Hulk hoping see expanded relationship between Karen and Ivy that go past catty competitiveness. Hulk can’t help Hulkself: Hulk looking forward to finale tonight.

Hulk be honest: Hulk really enjoy original music from show. Hulk like a jazzy tap number! Hulk like earnest ballad. Hulk favorite part of whole series so far was Tom and Sam singing “Another Opening, Another Show,” because Hulk appreciate artful rearrangement of that classic with “Let Me Be Your Star.” Hulk wish Smash be truer to itself, it roots, it inherent Broadwayness. Hulk understand sometime it hard to be different, to be weird, to be theater-y. Hulk know draw of seeming normal. But Smash not for everyone, and that benefit, not liability. Like Hulk sometime, Smash not know its strength.

Editor’s Note: Soon after we published this post, it was met with a chorus of tweets and comments accusing us of shamelessly ripping off @FilmCriticHULK. As writers and editors who spend far more time than is healthy giving the virtual stink-eye to posts or sites that we think swiped our idea or otherwise mimicked our content, we take being called derivative very seriously. So a quick explanation: We’d like to state unequivocally that we did not set out to copy @FilmCritHULK. This is not to claim ignorance of him. We have read his tweets and think he’s hilarious. But we also cover Smash extensively, and as the phrase “Hulk smash!” has been ingrained in us since our comic-book-reading days as shut-in youths, the idea for this mash-up struck us as funny. Given the many “Hulks” that populate Twitter and the web, we did not anticipate the negative reaction to our attempt at Hulk-speak. When we later tweeted that this was a “meme,” we did not mean to minimize @FilmCritHULK’s specific writings, we were only referring to general Hulk-speak as an Internet convention. We apologize if our initial tweets appeared to minimize his work.

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Hulk Smash Smash [UPDATE]