Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet Joins Identity Thief Comedy

Actor Eric Stonestreet attends a party hosted by Twentieth Century Fox Television Distribution at the Fox Lot on May 26, 2011 in Century City, California.
66458180 Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

No word yet on whether Modern Family’s in-house clown Eric Stonestreet gets the call to play a Kentucky baddie in FX’s Justified, but if he does, he might not have time in his schedule: He’s just been cast in Universal’s Seth Gordon–directed comedy, Identity Thief. Stonestreet will play Big Chuck, a real estate broker who clashes with Jason Bateman’s identity theft victim and Melissa McCarthy’s “mess of a woman,” as the Hollywood Reporter describes her character. Guess who’s the identity thief in all this.

Modern Fam’s Eric Stonestreet in Identity Thief