eye rolls

Watch the Casts of Parks and Recreation and The Office in a Battle of Irritated Faces

The mockumentary sitcoms The Office and its Thursday night neighbor Parks and Recreation have both become known for the characters’ awkward stares directly into the camera. The look tells viewers, “Yeah, we’re with you, and this stuff going on here — it’s bonkers.” But there’s another facial expression both shows specialize in — an eyes-a-rollin’, “I am surrounded by idiots!” look. Scranton’s Jim Halpert might have started it and Pawnee’s Ben Wyatt perfected it. But not without some help from Angela and April. Both shows wrapped up their seasons last night, so come with us on a video journey through some of this year’s biggest eye-rolls and annoyed stares in our Parks vs. Office scoff-off!

Watch a Parks and Rec/Office Cast Scoff-Off