Jerry Seinfeld’s New Show: Rich Dudes and Their Fancy Cars

Details are under lock and (car) key, but we’re told the show will feature Seinfeld, a classic car enthusiast with a penchant for Porsches, and pals including Alec Baldwin, Ricky Gervais and Larry David test-driving cars from their past, trading old memories and cracking a few jokes along the way.

Jerry Seinfeld has a new show in the works, one that’s basically about him and his rich comedy buddies driving around in their fancy cars and talking about it. OK?This sounds like it could be interesting, or it could be an insufferable look at old rich dudes talking about very expensive cars — I mean, is there any way that Jay Leno won’t be involved somehow? It’s certainly more in line with The Marriage Ref than it is with Seinfeld, at least. And it makes me wonder why Seinfeld keeps working on these pseudo-reality comedies that are banking on people wanting to see celebrities crack wise rather than on a written comedic show with characters, plots, arcs, and punchlines. The only thing he’s written since Seinfeld other than The Marriage Ref was Bee Movie for chrissakes! I know that movie bombed, Jerry, but that doesn’t mean you need to run away from narrative comedy forever, does it? You’re a funny guy. Please, enough with the comedy/reality TV hybrids. You’re better than that.

Jerry Seinfeld’s New Show: Rich Dudes and Their Fancy […]