Jimmy Fallon’s Downton Abbey Parody Is Still Genius

Tonight the brilliant minds over at Late Night With Jimmy Fallon aired the second edition of their award-deserving “Downton Sixbey” shorts — and we thought we’d have to wait until September for our Downton fix! A.D. Miles’s scowling Dowager Countess once again did Dame Maggie Smith proud. Butler Higgins got in his “upstairs people” versus “downstairs people” rant and ran the clock by dragging around his iron foot some more. Fred Armisen’s Lady Edith was as hauntingly intense as ever — plus DRUMS! And best of all, the future Lord “Quite Bushy” Questlove brought his mother to sup: the regal Lady “Bitch Please” Whoopi. Ah, “Downton Sixbey”! You really are the faux-English drama we were craving.

Jimmy Fallon’s Downton Abbey Parody Is Back