Jimmy Kimmel’s Too ‘Offensive’ Correspondents’ Dinner Jokes

There are a couple ways a comedian in a roast like situation can offend. Sure, a joke could be too crass for the audience, which definitely was a concern for the Correspondents’ Dinner, but in the examples Kimmel told Anderson Cooper, the problem was more that they were too true. They’re solid jokes but they would have evoked oooooos not hahahahas. Also, in White House Correspondents’  Dinner news, Bloomberg did a story on Kevin Bleyer and Nell Scovell, the comedians who helped President Obama with his jokes. Scovell was the creator of Sabrina, The Teenage Witch, which explains why Obama told all those jokes about Joe Biden, his talking cat.

Jimmy Kimmel’s Too ‘Offensive’ Correspondents’ Dinner […]