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Last Night on Late Night: John Lithgow’s R-rated Charade for The Dictator

Last night on Late Night, John Lithgow had the plumb luck of picking up The Dictator in a Charades game with Miranda Cosgrove and Jimmy Fallon. As a matter of course, he signaled movie, two words, and first syllable sounds like, at which point things got out of control. Lithgow wiggled his finger in front of his penis; the audience erupted into screaming laughter; and Fallon jumped up onto the camera, adjusting his tie nervously, and covered just that special, salient part of the screen. Plus: Men in Black director Barry Sonnenfeld took to the therapy guest chair and confessed to his neuroses. For one thing, his philosophy on life goes, “Regret the past. Dread the future. Never live in the present.” And his hatred for massages stems from his “unconscious, narcissistic rage.” All this after remarking on the huge heads of his MIB actors — both physiological and figurative — “The funny thing is, Will’s head is huge, but it’s just an ego thing.” Also, Lea Michele is done with tattoos; and Kevin Costner kissed precocious Cowgirls n’ Angels actress Bailee Madison’s boo-boo. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

John Lithgow’s R-rated Charade for The Dictator